Massage is self care. Massage is caring for your whole self: body, mind,
and spirit. Massage is a powerful antidote to the physical and emotional stress we experience every day. Massage is basic maintenance. Massage is therapeutically working those muscles you push so hard, in and out of the gym. Massage is breathing deeply, releasing the tension, taking a break, resetting the nervous system, easing your body, and relaxing your mind.
Fitness is a walk in the park. Or it’s a hike up a mountain. A run on the beach, a beautiful asana, an evening of dancing, a game of tennis, a fierce kickboxing class. Fitness is keeping up with your children on the soccer field, or catching the bus without having to catch your breath. Fitness is growing older gracefully, trusting that your body will keep up with your adventurous spirit. Fitness is improving your back stroke, or just making sure you look good poolside. Fitness is eating well, breathing deeply, getting enough sleep, getting regular massages, taking a break, stretching your muscles, and stretching your mind.

Our goal for you is simple: Movement without pain.

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All of us at TAKE SHAPE want to help you make the leap to a fitter, happier, healthier you.