Massage can assist with healing injuries and managing pain. It can relax and restore, soothe and support, reduce anxiety and help alleviate depression. Massage is essential for any active individual…or for any individual who wants to keep active! Ideally, it should be a regular part of your life, but it can also be beneficial as an every-so-often treat.

People at any age or fitness level can enjoy the benefits of regular massage, either on its own or as a key component in TAKE SHAPE’s movement and coaching programs. Regular massage can reduce the chance of injury, improve your flexibility and range of motion, shorten recovery time between workouts, and maximize the supply of nutrients and oxygen throughout the body.

At TAKE SHAPE, we offer a variety of massage modalities. Each type has a slightly different goal, but all of them will leave you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated—and with your body and mind more fully in tune. You can have your massage in our chill, comfortable studio in Darien, or if you prefer, one of our licensed and experienced therapists can come to your home.

Swedish Massage
When most people say, “I need a massage,” they’re thinking about Swedish massage. This type of massage uses a variety of strokes (long and sweeping, strong and deep, tapping, friction, and vibration) to release tension from your muscles, as well as improving circulation, flushing toxins from your system and promoting a sense of well-being.

Deep-Tissue Massage
Deep-tissue massage is similar to Swedish massage but is usually slower and deeper. Your massage therapist will work on chronic knots and tension held deep within your musculature, kneading and working those areas of adhesion until they release, allowing your body to realign itself. While it includes an element of relaxation, deep-tissue massage tends to focus on specific issues: recurrent pain or deeply held tension; injury, especially repetitive-strain injuries such as carpal tunnel; fibromyalgia; osteoarthritis; or postural problems.

Myofascial-Release Therapy
Our muscles, bones, and organs are surrounded by layers of connective tissue called fascia. As a result of injury, stress, or inflammation, these layers can stick to one another, bunching up in tight, knotted snarls that inhibit movement patterns and cause pain. With myofascial-release therapy, your therapist will use gentle, sustained pressure to release these adhesions, allowing the fascia to move freely, relieving pain and tension. This modality can form your entire session, or it can be incorporated into a more traditional massage.

Craniosacral Therapy
Craniosacral therapy is an extremely gentle approach to regulating the body’s natural inclination to work in harmony with itself. By allowing the body to do what it knows it needs to do to heal/unwind, your therapist can address systemic imbalances that might be exacerbating any one of a number of conditions including migraines, stress-related disorders (including PTSD), autism, concussion, chronic pain, colic, and many other issues. Even babies and children can benefit from this very gentle technique. This modality can form your entire session, or it can be incorporated into a more traditional massage.

Pregnancy Massage
Nurture the nurturer! Growing a baby takes a tremendous amount of
energy — and causes many physiological changes to a woman’s skeletal and muscular systems. Pregnancy massage is designed especially to support and relieve the aches and pains of pregnancy, to reduce swelling and improve circulation, to promote relaxation (which can lead to an easier and more productive labor), and to ease the stress on weight-bearing joints. Most importantly, it is completely safe—and feels wonderful.

Shiatsu Massage
Shiatsu is a Japanese form of body work and, like acupuncture, focuses on clearing the energy pathways to improve the flow of qi throughout the body. The massage therapist works pressure points, mostly using her fingers and thumbs in a continuous rhythmic motion; indeed the word shiatsu means “finger pressure”.

Hot-Stone Massage
Hot-stone massage uses smooth heated stones to warm your muscles and allow them to release tension and toxins more easily and fully. Your therapist will use smooth, strong strokes (as in Swedish massage) while holding different-size pieces of warmed polished basalt. She may also leave warm stones along your spine or at crucial points (such as your palms or feet) to increase the flow of energy throughout your system.




Massage can assist in healing injuries. It can lessen pain, reduce anxiety, soothe and support, and help alleviate depression.

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