A native New Yorker, Maria P. Amendolia qualified as a massage therapist in 1994 and moved to lower Connecticut in 1995. She then spent four years commuting to her office in Manhattan, honing her skills and pursing further training in a variety of massage techniques. During that time, she also became increasingly interested in fitness and health—and what a profoundly complementary role massage can play in a person’s overall wellness.

Maria AmensoliaIn 1999, Maria founded TAKE SHAPE to combine the elements of a healthy whole: fitness, healthy movement, and massage. Maria realized that people could truly benefit from the attention of a personal trainer who was also a massage therapist, and vice versa. The ideal was to have a therapist who truly understood the physiology of a physically active body and who could help a client maintain healthy movement and repair the unavoidable stresses and strains of an active, vigorous life.

At first, TAKE SHAPE was a one-woman show, but very quickly, Maria had more clients than time, and Claudia Carson joined the company as a second therapist. We were lucky enough to have her skilled hands for almost fifteen years before her retirement from the field. More recently, the team has grown to include a number of excellent massage therapists, each with her own unique Maria Amensolia talents to offer our clients. That has allowed Maria more time to study, and she has expanded her breadth of knowledge to include advanced techniques such as NKT® and RockTape. This allows her to work in combination with TAKE SHAPE’s other massage therapists to further assist clients in reaching their goals of healthy movement and pain-free activity.

Yet, true to Maria’s original vision, TAKE SHAPE remains a small company, able to take a strongly personal and individualized interest in all its clients.

remained a small
company able to take
a strongly personal and individualized interest
in all of its clients.